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Best Home Remedies for Cold

We all have experienced getting sick from a cold/flu, either it’s from changing seasons  or you catch it from someone else. Yes, it is awful, being weak with zero energy. Having severe headache is the worst part, or is the stuffy nose that is the worst part? Well both definitely show that you have a cold.

Okay of course i’m going to share my remedies to cure cold, no i’m not going to give you list of medicine you can buy at the pharmacy, instead what i’m going to share is what you can do to heal yourself at home, with herbs and natural remedies. This is what works for me, so i hope it can help you too.

1. Rest

Yes. As cliche as it sounds. When you get a cold, it’s a way of your body telling you that you need a rest. Take days off from work/school, and just rest.


2. Rehydrate

Drink plenty of water. DRINK and DRINK. Try to drink warm water as well. Drink so you can flush all the toxins in your body out.


3. Warm Lemon Honey water

If you haven’t already start drinking this every morning, then you should really consider it. But now when you’re sick this water in the morning will ease your throat.


4. Sweat it out

I’m not saying you should do an intense work out. First, make sure you wear something warm at home, wear your most comfortable sweather and sweatpants and then lay in bed, covered blanket. Try to sleep, Usually you’ll sweat, make sure when you wake up you change your clothes, wearing dumpy clothes will only make you worse.


5. Get some sun

Either it just to be in the balcony for 20 minutes, or take a walk outside. Sun is our friend. do you know that just 20 minutes of sunshine per day triggers your body to release 200 antimicrobials that fight fungi, parasites and viruses, now that’s amazing!


6. Think Positive

What we think affect how we feel, and how our body react. So make sure you’re surrounded by positive people who’ll only give you hapiness.

7. Ginger Water

Another Superfood remedies! Ginger. slice some ginger, boil it with water for 5 minutes, then drink it while it’s warm. Not only it will warms the stomach and remove the cold but it will also strengthen your immunity.


Hope you feel better soon!



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