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The art of Tidying up

When you think about home, the perfect image you have about your house must be a place that feels very comfortable and peaceful, with fresh air when you open the door, everything is clean and placed where it needs to be. But let’s be honest here, that is our image of a perfect home right, but the reality? Most of us don’t have a daily house keeper who’s only job is to make sure that our house is clean. We are too busy spending time outside of the house, working, socializing, living life or just busy being home and do everything else other than tidying.

But little do we realize that having a tidy home can change a person’s life. Notice that i said ‘tidy home” instead of a nice house? Because most of us, we do not appreciate the things we already have. You know that feeling when you visit a friend’s house, “it’s actually a small house, but something about it just make us feel very comfortable to stay there” that “something” usually is just because they keep their house neat and tidy. What we might be feeling is we need a new house, because this one does not bring any peaceful or happiness feeling. We are so easy on giving up things when we really should be working on it. Also let’s be realistic here, spending a crazy budget to buy a new house is certainly not an answer to finally have a place that makes you feel at home.

If you feel like you’re on the edge of loosing a battle with your own house, there are effective and very simple things i’ve been doing all my life to make my house feels like home, and of course i’m gonna share them with you.

Create a cleanup house Entrance. When you first enter the door, having shoes allover the hallway is a no no. I like to keep my entrance free from any shoes. So whenever i come home, i removed my shoes and put them on a shoe rack that is located where all the shoes are. A little walk through your house to put your shoes is not that big of an issue right? or you still can put them on the entrance just make sure to put them on a shoe rack.

Keep things where it supposed to be. Remember mom used to teach us to always put our toys back in place, well it’s for a reason. So always put things back after you use them, this also gonna save you time from looking for it.

Invest on a box. When you have a baby, toys might be allover the living room, having a box/counter can safe your living room from looking messy.

Organize your closet. Always, always make time to tidy your closet, you don’t need new clothes, you just need to tidy them to see what you actually have. Hang whatever gets wrinkled easily. Have you ever seen those ikea compartment divider? These can come very handy here, just put all your socks, underwears, belts etc inside these divider.


Put anything that is useless away. I know the reason it is still there is because we think we might gonna use it someday. Here’s an easy trick, if you haven’t use them for more than a year, then it’s time to put them away, no need to throw them out if you think it has a good value just give them to people who will be happy to use them. You will feel so much lighter without all these stuff in your house.

Organize your bathroom. Do you have shampoos, soaps allover your shower floor? then it’s time to buy a shower shelve, remember it’s not only gonna look good but also gonna save you from bending down to take your shampoos, cause who has time to bend down while showering?

Keep the kitchen/dining room clean. Not just for hygiene reasons but a clean dining room is important because this space is where people in the house gather and spend time the most, meals bring people together remember. If mom feels like she has too much work already, then start with everyone have to clean their plates after using it. Always keep dining area clean. And just like what i’ve mentioned before, put things back after you use them. Like cereal box, ketchup, glasses, always put them back.


Re-arrange furniture. Ever feel bored on how your house looks like? Re-arranging your bedroom furniture, or living room furniture will give you a new feeling. And remember this no matter how good your furniture is, if it’s not arrange well, your room won’t look good. So make time to put things well.

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Keep the house clean. I like to vacuum my house every 3 days, and then 2 times a week i mop them with floor liquid cleaners that has a fresh scent. So it always feels clean when we walk inside the house barefoot. Always take the trash out, nothing is worse then having a foul smell coming from an old trash can. And last one, always wipe unreachable surface, you’ll be surprised on how many dust sitting there.

Anyway, you might not be able to change the world, hek why even trying? lol. BUT you know you can always change your life. And the place we spend most of our time is the most crucial part that affect our lives. So let’s start loving our home and take care of it.


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