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Life in Dubai

One of the many questions I get is, “How is Dubai? or How does it feel to live in Dubai?”

And it would only be fair to explain it here, once and for all, so whenever anybody ask me that question again I can just tell them to read my website lol.

I do understand why you ask that question in the first place, I once asked that question too many times when my husband and I were still planning to move to Dubai. I literally had no idea how Dubai is going to be like. But everyone I asked, they all seem to have the same answer “Don’t worry, you’ll love it”

So it’s been almost 7 months me living in Dubai, and I can easily say, it has been great.

Dubai is one of the cities in The UAE(United Arab Emirates). Dubai serves a very glamorous lifestyle for many people living here. But my husband and I are living a simple modest lifestyle, and we’re happy.

Dubai is full of tourist, they come here for holiday since it’s summer all year long and people that moved here like we are because of business purposes. So I can simply tell you this, you will see more foreigners (European, Americans, etc) than arabs themselves. Although Dubai is in the UAE, a moslem country, Dubai is very modern. Women are treated very respectfully, I’ve never felt more safer to walk on the street alone. You can wear anything you want, although best is to keep bikinis by the beach (why woud you wear bikinis at the mall anyway lol)

Weather in Dubai is always summer, from April-August the weather is really really hot, temperature is around 40 degree, it’s imposibble to walk outside without getting wet from your own sweat. One day in the beginning when we just got here, I almost faint from the heat, I’m not kidding it’s that hot and it scared me too. But now September-March, weather is really beautiful, it’s warm, comfortably warm. There’s sun, the good sun you know the one that makes you feel happy. Another thing about Dubai weather, it never rains.

What do we do on weekends in Dubai? Honestly there are too many things to do. From spending all day by the beach, going to the sahara dessert, shopping centre, dining out, going to an outdoor market, visiting new places. And when it comes to visiting new places, there are just to many, and I’m very happy to explore all the new places. One thing about shopping center in Dubai, they are ENORMOUS, the dubai mall has even a big Aquarium inside it.

Hows the food in Dubai? Food taste SO GOOD! I am not exagarating. I dont know how to explain it, but the food just taste good, like as simple as tomato, when you taste tomato in Dubai you will feel like you just tasted a whole different tomatto. That’s my impression with the food here. You can easily find any food you want, Italian, French, Indian, Arabic, Japanese, you mention it, they have it.

Okay I’m gonna get a bit personal on why I like Dubai.

First of all I need to thank my husband for choosing the perfect location to live in Dubai too, we live in Dubai Marina, it’s near to the beach, its populous but also quiet in the same time. People are nice here. They tend to not care of other’s business. So people are just doing their own thing, and not busy judging others. Also people are happy, I haven’t heard any single person who complains here. Every morning I try to go out and run by the marina, and I’m extremely grateful that I have a place to run outdoor without feeling awfull from the polluted air. There are so many young family with babies, and what makes me happy is they have so many parks and places for kids to play outside. And you’ll also find mommies running while pushing their stroller, because the road are nice here. So for us, Dubai is the perfect place to start a new family. The only thing that I don’t like about Dubai is the cost. It is expensive, but it’s still worth it. Well we’re not the type of people who like to live glamorously anyway, we like to save our money and spend it smartly. And by far, we’re living more than okay and have never been more happier.

I found myself being happy for small things ever since I got here, I notice every little detail, and I find it very beautiful, once again I’ve never felt more grateful.

You know it ain’t easy moving to a new place, new city, new country, everything is foreign. But Dubai, the longer I stayed here the more I fell in love with it. And I can easily say that Dubai is better than any other cities I’ve ever visited.

Gonna show you some pictures from Dubai

Dubai Marina, This is the neighborhood where we’re staying.

Dubai Marina-New Image.jpg

5 minutes walk from our apartments, is where the beach is. I usually run by that red running track too. It’s called JBR.



The Fountain at the Dubai mall, mesmerizing


Tourist place at Jumeirah.


Ripe Market


Typical food you will find in every corner of dubai


That’s it for now.

Just gonna end this with an invite to visit Dubai. why?

Cause You’ll love it.

Have a nice day wherever you are!


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