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How i cleared my acne

I know I know it took me way too long to finally post and share this article with all of you. My only reason is I want to make sure that the methods I was doing on myself worked, and not just luck. And I also promised myself if I can finally have a better skin, I’ll share it with people, I won’t keep it to myself.

So let me explain to you the type of acne I had, it was a hormonal acne. You know there are so many reasons that could be causing your acne, mine was not caused by outside factors, like polluted air or not washing my face enough. My breakout was definitely hormonal and because of my digestive problems. At one point I refused to go out of the house because of my severe acne.

On the left picture above, that was actually my skin reaction after I went to get a facial hair removal using threading method. As you can see, I got severe acne reaction from it. And this leaves scar for months until I finally heal them correctly, but before this as I explained my acne was always on the side chin and lower cheek. And picture on the right is my face now, without makeup, just eyeliner and lip balm (in case you need to know that lol)

If you want to know what is causing your acne, simply take a look at this face map


So how did my face get better?

  1. Managing Digestive Problems.

I was determined to heal my digestion first. I just knew that my bowel was the first problem I needed to handle, and it was true.

  • I stop drinking Milk.
  • I mix 1tb of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup warm water and drink it every morning (detoxify your colon)
  • I drink a lot of hot water, remember only drink hot/warm water. Love water, it’ll love you back
  • And all the other herbal drink I made, you can read it on the other articles on how to improve your bowel
  1. L-lysine

After consistently doing that, I bought L-lysine. And you can read about the review online, everybody is praising about this L-lysine supplement. It’s seriously underrated when it comes to healing acne. More people need to know abou this stuff. So L-lysine is an essential amino acid, which means that our bodies need it and depend on it, but they cannot produce it naturally. Therefore, we must introduce it to the body through food or supplements. L-lysine promotes the integrity of skin and lips, and is used by the body to produce collagen.

The result of taking L-lysine is really astonishing! In two days, my acne was really drying up, skin was not looking so red and angry, i was seeing the result immediately. My friend who used L-lysine also said the exact same thing.

  1. Moisturizer

Okay another thing. Some of you might think that oily face will lead to acne. The thing is, our face produce more oil when its dry, the skin will send signal to the oil gland that it needs moisture, that is why your skin is producing more and more oil. So what’s the solution to this?

Moisturize your face! Always. Dry face is a no no when you’re trying to heal acne. Just imagine this, how can your skin repair the scar if it doesn’t have the elasticity that it needs.

So your basic routine should be this.

Morning :

  • Wash your face using warm water, dry it up with tissue or clean towel
  • Put few drops of oil (i use organic extra virgin olive oil but you can use your preference of oil) on your hand and put it all over your face
  • Take a cotton and few drops of your choice of toner, clean your face with it.
  • Last, put your favorite moisturizer


  • Wash your face.
  • Put olive oil, then toner.
  • After cleaning your face with cotton, put another layer of olive oil.
  • Sleep with it.

Another thing i can promise you that will help healing your acne is by doing a mask

The one and only mask i find really gives an instant effect to my face is;

Lemon Honey Sugar Mask.

  • Wash face with warm water, dry it up
  • Rub 1 slice of lemon all over your face
  • Take half teaspoon or a bit more honey then dip it into little bit of sugar and rub it on your face
  • Leave it on for 20-30 minutes.
  • Wash it of with warm water, dry it up and put olive oil
  • Lemon has antibacterial and antifungal properties, it makes them a natural remedy to treat acne

Honey is also antibacterial and is rich in antioxidants, plus it will moisture and sooth your skin.

I use sugar to exfoliate my skin naturally, it works like magic. No need to buy expensive scrub.

Do this once a week. I like to do it at night, and loving the result in the morning.

Although you can do the mask without adding sugar and do it for 2-3 times a week.

  1. Get some Sun

The sun is your friend. Sunlight kills bad bacteria, that’s why it will help diminishing your acne. Sun is also your source of vitamin D which is needed to repair the skin. Make sure you get minimum 20 minutes of sunlight every morning.

Last tip is if you want to heal your skin, then take some time off from make up. No matter how expensive your make up brand is, it won’t help you with clearing up the acne. Remember, it’s better to really heal and clearing it up rather than hiding it with makeup.

This is really what works for me, i hope this post will help you finally get a better skin.

Next post will be how to get the glowing look on your skin


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