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How safe is online dating?

Online dating is definitely not a new thing for western culture, but for Asians and especially Indonesians, online dating is still very vague. The opinion most Indonesians have when it comes to online dating are negatives. One of the most common they will ask is, “is it safe?’

Me personally, I don’t see online dating as a dangerous or a thing you should not considerate. Although, I can understand why most people think otherwise. There are few tips I can explain why online dating isn’t such a bad thing. And I will encourage any of my friends to try at least once.

1. Our world has changed. with the evolution of technology, we spent most of our time on our laptop and our phone. We socialize through internet. Probably everything now, is easily reachable by internet. We talk, we chat with our friends through many chat applications. So why not trying to get to know someone new also through online?

2. It is not a bad thing. it all comes down to your intention. If your intention is good, then do it. It is normal wanting to find your soul mate. And for women, don’t be shy to be on online dating, we have the same right as men. If it is normal for men to be on the dating site, then it is normal for women to be on it too. No, no one will judge you, and if they do, its probably because they don’t understand and they are not open minded, so why would you even care about those people? 🙂

3. It is easy. We all need to find someone new, either it to have a new friend or new relationship. New people will help you grow. Expand your social life also expand your knowledge. and ain’t it easier to approach for them online rather than making a conversation to a total stranger you meet on the street?

4. Read their profile. A proper online dating will give you a chance to see their profile, take time to read their profile, see if you think this person is decent. Don’t approach them only by their photos. Same goes for you, take time to make a decent profile.

5. Have a chat. Now If this one person profile attracts you, don’t be shy to say hi. Let the conversation go on to get to know each other. You can talk about anything, but if youre scared online dating is always about sex, then you can find out whether the person you’re talking to is decent or not by having frequent conversation. A nice man, won’t mention sex on the chat. But if he does, then just cut it right away, and move to see other fishes.

6. It is safe. That is why i said it’s safe, cause whenever you feel like the conversation is leading towards sex or the other person don’t have good intentions or you just don’t like the person you’re talking to, just cut it off. You are not obliged to reply to anyone’s chat if you don’t want to. You always have control. With that also means, you don’t have to meet the person if you dont feel like it.

7. Chance to know the otherside of the world. If you don’t travel often, you’ll want to know how is the life in other countries. The thing with online dating, you have the chance to get to know someone who has a completely different background than yours. Isn’t it nicer to finally get to know someone who is out of your social life all this time? A decent person would be welcome to have a conversation about anything, you’ll get a new friend and also new perspective.

8. Anonymous. You can even be anonymous. You are not oblige to tell your real name. So you’ll only get to know the person by conversation. And believe me, somewhere out there, there are people who needs someone to talk to, so lucky you, you’ll always have someone to talk to, about anything, without them knowing who you are.

9. Lastly, Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing wrong with trying something you’ve never done before. If it turned out to be useful then great but if not then just sign out, and at least you’ve known how it is.

Here are 2 dating site i can recommend :

Okcupid : just like any online dating in general, but gives you opportunity to check your percentage matches and their profile.

Pure matrimony : Islamic online dating site that is recommended by my dear friend specified for muslim looking for another partner who has the same faith.


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