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How to be a great yoga teacher


So you’ve finished your 200hr Yoga teacher training, and can’t wait to rock new yoga classes. But i know teaching your first class might be terrifying, or even every other classes after that. Now first of all, i’m gonna tell you that nervous, scared feeling are totally normal. You feel that way because it’s a new thing, and whether you succeed leaving the students with a smile at the end of the class matters. Being a yoga student and then a teacher gave me a lot of experiences, one that feels not right if i keep it to myself, but keep in mind that i’m not going to talk about the study of yoga (since each one of you got it from YTT already) but more like a reminder on how to be your best version of a teacher, and i know this knowledge will help new teachers who’s struggling to keep students coming back for another class. Okay let’s start by

  1. Setting your intention.

Now that you are ready to teach a class, either it’s a room full of students or a private one on one class. What is your intention on teaching these people? Is it to share your knowledge? To help them? or to get your paycheck? As you may know that the cost of yoga class is getting higher and higher meaning yoga teacher gets high income too, it can easily distract your purpose on teaching itself. But what makes you decided to become a yoga teacher? If it’s money oriented, even if you don’t say it out loud, students will know it. Mine has always been to help everyone in class come back to themselves, getting to know ourselves better and hoping that at the end of each class they will feel lighter and better. You see, your intention may always change in every class session, today might be so you can assist a fresh new student or to help the businessman relax and have a better sleep at night after the class, whatever your intention is, make sure it’s for the better, never to suck the money out of their pocket.

  1. Be present.

Have you ever gone to a class where you can feel the teacher is rushing, unpatient or even yelling. All these things will forever ruin a yoga class. So, whether you have to go somewhere after class, or you have problems back at home, make sure when you get in the class, you take deep breaths and be in the momment. In yoga class, you will connect with students, you will feel them and they will feel you, so try to focus all of your attention to your students.

  1. Be Sincere.

When you decide to teach yoga, you have to give all you’ve got. Share everything. We want our students to be better in each class, that can only happen if we’re not holding ourselves from giving them knowledge we know. Remind yourself how you fall in love with yoga and then try to give that love to your students so they can feel the same way. In every words, every gesture you make to adjust them, make sure you do it with sincerely with love and compassion.

  1. Be yourself.

Remember that one yoga teacher who makes a fake soothing voice? yeah i know that can be really annoying. So make sure you be yourself. If you’re a cheerful person then lead the class that way, or if you’re feeling calm today then be calm, either way, do not try to copy how other teachers do their teachings, what works best for them might be a disaster for you. Get to know yourself so you can find out what kind of teaching style that suits you best.

  1. Be confident.

Nowadays, there are too many yoga teachings method. Yoga has evolved to a very broad practice. One that believes you have to do this in order to be that, and others that state otherwise. Note to remember is, there is no single yoga practice that is better than the other. When you meet other teachers that has the opposite knowledges of what you have, don’t be discourage, but believe that both teaching is right. As long as you hold on to the method of safety yoga practice, you’re safe. Again, you have to find the practice that is best for you, so you can pass it on to your students.

  1. Be generous.

I’ve heard many stories from my new students that they feel discourage from practicing yoga over a year with one teacher but never feel like they improved physically or emotionally. And i know exactly how they feel and why that happen, it’s because the teacher only share them so little knowledge and not giving much space to improve. A good yoga teacher would always gives you a way or knowledges to practice by yourself at home. Because some can only connect with themselves once they start practicing alone. Give what you have to others, so they can be independent and be the best version of themselves. Don’t be afraid that you will loose your students or knowledges by sharing too much, believe me you will only gain more knowledge. So remind them the importance of practicing alone, even if it’s only 3 rounds of sun salutation every morning. And when they ask you question, answer it until they understood completely, even if it means sharing that extra knowledge you gained from paying expensive teacher training. What’s the point of keeping what you know to yourself anyway?

So these are teaching methods that works for me, i hope it can inspire you in one way or another, Namaste 🙂



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