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Road trip to Saint-Malo

Hi Everyone! So as you may know from my Instagram’s post we went to Brettany (Bretagne in French) last time we were in France. And it was a trip worth visit for. If anybody planning to go to France, instead of staying in Paris (again?) you should definetly consider on visiting brittany.

Here’s a bit information about Brittany, it is a cultural region in the north-west of France. Brittany is a very quiet peaceful region compare to the overcrowded city of Paris.

So let me start telling you our journey to Saint-Malo.

It was already Autumn when My husband and I were in Paris, we woke up at 8.30am that morning, and when I openned the window surprisingly the weather is very nice and sunny! As few days before this, I was struggling with the cold weather. So I told Mimi(my husband) that i need to go out for a run first before we had off to Saint-Malo. And of course he let me, even though I know He would prefered us to go right away. Mimi drove me to this very beautiful running track by the river, and He went off to have some coffee while waiting for me.


Don’t you just want to come here everyday for a run? I wish i could.

K! I’m done sweating, went back home and got ourselves ready. We finally got in the car at 11am, and ready for our trip, Mimi as usual drive the car and me i’m making sure we have good music and feed him from time to time. They told us the road will take us about 4 hours, it is long, but the road, the views were too beautiful that 4hours didnt even felt that long. We stopped at the gas station cause I NEEDED TO PEE BADLY, this is not a new thing, fact is I drink a lot, I have to go to toilet more than average people do. There was a small market and Paul bakery there, I asked Mimi if we can bring his brother something from Paul, but of course he said no, anyone who knows Mimi would know that he never wants to buy anything from Paul in France. (weird eh)


Okay so it was 3 o’clock, we arrived in Cancale. Mimi drove to a port where there are restaurants by the sea. Ah I forgot to tell you that Cancale has the best and freshest oysters you would ever taste. Like all the finest restaurants would get their oysters from here. So of course we’re not gonna miss the chance to eat fresh oysters! There was quite a queue to sit in the restaurant, not that it’s full but everyone wanted to sit outside, as I said it was a beautiful day. We finally got our table, Mimi ordered the dish for me, cause menu was in French and ”je ne parle pas francais, sorry”. This is what he ordered, and bless him! AMAZING! We both loved it. Can’t tell you how good it taste.


We continue our trip to visit my husband’s brother and family. Had few hours to rest and catch up. Anyway French love to talk. They would talk for hoouurrsss, no it’s not because I don’t speak french that it feels like hours but it’s simply a fact, which’s why they have this term called “aperitif’ and “antipasto” which is meals that needs to be drink and eaten while they’re socializing. And when it’s finally dinner time. We drove to the best restaurant in Dinard, called l’abris des flots dinard had a very pleasant service, they really took a good care of us. All the food was great, got complimentary apetizer and drinks, everybody’s happy. Also I’m more than happy cause I got an english version menu, yay! We finished quite late, so we decided to sleep at my husband’s brother house.


Okay well rested, it was time for another adventure again. We finally went to visit Saint-Malo (Intra-Muros) which is a wall city. We walked all along these walls, while enjoying the beautiful sea view. It was also another sunny day, but chilly.


Other than Oysters, Brittany is known for it’s very good crepes. So we had lunch in a restaurant that serves the best crepes in Intra-Muros, the ambiance in this restaurant felt very hommy, also the waitress was again very welcome. My husband ordered a savoury crepes, or in french they call it galette, its made of buckwheat flour. But unfortunatelly i forgot to take a picture, so i copied a picture i found on google, just to give you an idea on how a galette looks like.


For dessert, we had a traditional sweet crepes, with ice cream and salted butter caramel. MY GOODNESS! Also forgot to take picture lol, clearly shows that i was hungry.

And because there is this very famous ice cream shop called Sanchez inside Saint-Malo Intra-Muros, people are literally waiting in a long queue just for ice cream! I thought while we’re here we had to try it, but my stomach was telling me i had enough food, well i guess next time then 😉

Before we head back to Paris, which is going to take us about 4 hours again, we stopped by Le Mont Saint-Michel. Now this was an unforgetable memory. Once we parked our car, we paid for a horse carriage to take us there. i swear to God it was so COLD, my hands was numb, but i just had to take this time-lapse, it knew it would be worth it. once we’re there, the place felt like a castle, also i felt like in a harry potter’s movie lol. It was just something different, and we both loved it.





It was getting late so we finally drove back to Paris.

I know we ended up not going to Saint-Malo only, we visited Cancale, Dinard and Mont Michel which all of this places are in the Brittany.

Next time you visit Paris, don’t forget to visit Brittany too 🙂


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