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For the stay at home wife

Growing up I’ve always known what I wanted to become. You know that time of school where teachers would ask you what your dreams are and what you want to be in the future, while most of other kids would think of being an astronaut, doctors, scientist, architects, etc, and when it’s my turn I’ve always answered it with a proud voice that i wanted to become a housewife, a great one. I know what most of people might be thinking when they hear my answer, “if you just want to be a housewife, why even bother going to school? Let alone finishing your university degree?”

Thing is, when that question came up, I mean that dream job question, I could not think of anybody else who does a better job that my own mother. Who you guess it right, she is a housewife, a great one. Having such a good role model in my life, how could I not want to be like her? My mother works hard, every single day, when other workers gets a day off on weekends, housewife don’t get that, everyday is a work day for us. Being a housewife means you have multiple jobs, you became a Chef, a CEO of the Household, a Cheerleader, a Taxi driver, a Cleaner, an Organizer, a Finance manager, a Personal shopper, a Doctor, a Nurse, a Laundry machine operator, a Janitor, and it goes on. My mother did a fantastic job doing all these with 3 kids and a perfectionist husband.


Okay now the time has come, I’m officially a stay-at-home-wife. How does it feel? It feels just how I imagine it would be 🙂 I take care of the house, my husband and myself, and everyday feels like a true blessing. In case you’re wondering what my husband thinks about me being a housewife, he’s very supportive, although I know if he has a choice he would prefer me to be a successful career woman and helping him adding the cash flow, lol. My point is, whatever you decide to do with your life make sure it comes from yourself. And whatever it is, be a good one.

If you think all the housewife are so lucky, they don’t have jobs/obligations all they do is spending their husbands money and do nothing. You’re right maybe there are some housewife who’s job literally just shopping at the malls and lounging in a cafe with their friends. But i am not talking about these kind of housewives, I’m talking about the good ones, the great housewives. The one that dedicated her life to her family. I can proudly say I’ve been doing a good job so far, I know my husband agrees with me. Although I love my job, I can not say it is easy. Some nights I feel soo tired that I just had to go to bed earlier.

It is important that a housewife still has an activity that brings her joy, either that doing her hobbies or start working from home. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it makes you happy and it gives you a purpose to wake up in the morning. Some housewife end up going to the malls and shop as their sress reliever, I’m not saying it’s wrong, maybe her husband makes too much income that shopping is just like taking a shower, as long as your husband don’t hold any grudges on your hobby buying stuff then go for it. But if you strive to be a better self, why not start thinking on how you can spend your free time more productive, bring something useful for yourself and the family. Especially when you don’t have any kids yet, you should have a lot of free time for yourself. Make sure you use these times to improve yourself.

My point is, speaking from my experience now that I am actually a housewife, I encourage for other women to strive to be a better person. Dedicating our life to take care of our family is a noble thing, and it comes naturally for some women. But we have to work for ourselves too, we nee to have a life outside our family, and do something just for ourselves. If it gets you an income then it’s great, if it doesnt get you an income it is not useless, you’ll gain experience and a life. You have to put yourself as a priority, same as everyone else’s put their selves a priority. Taking care of yourself is not a selfish act, you should not feel guilty wanting to do something for yourself.

You know when somebody ask you what your job is, don’t answer with “I’m just a housewife.’ When you’re spending everyday in doing a great job wouldn’t you be proud of yourself? Then next time someone ask you that question, answer it proudly “I am a housewife.”

Whether they’re gonna think you’re lame, or you’re great, it’s none of your business, their opinion on how you live your life don’t matter. But what does matter is how you think of yourself. Now if there’s still a slight feeling of not being good enough, then change it, do something that make you feel proud of yourself. Also, you don’t owe anybody an explanation on how HARD the job of being a housewife, because again other people’s opinion doesn’t matter.

Now, I hope I haven’t offend any of career women out there. Just know that I respect all the women who choose to be independent and work their asses off outside the house. I just believe there is a path for everybody, each one of us have our own greatness. Some are born to be great doctors and some are born to be great housewives. Whatever you’re going to be, be a good one.


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