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List of movies you must watch this month!

I’m getting a lot of text messages every week from my friends, not asking about how i am but rather just to get new recommendations on what movies to watch tonight, hahah. I watch new movies everyday, either that before bedtime or throughout the day if I have time. That’s why if you ask whether this movie is good to watch or not, big chance I’ve already watched it and can tell you what I think about it.

So these are movies I recommend to most of my friends, hope you’ll like it as much as I d0


Captain Fantastic: If you’re into freedom, living life the way you want it, having your own opinion than most majority, then this movie is for you.










Hacksaw Ridge : Based on an extraordinary true story, and I’ve never seen Andrew Garfield acts this brilliant in a movie.










Intouchables : I mean come on, if you still haven’t watched this one, you’re really missing a good movie









Divines : A french movie, but you’ll definitely find english subtitles. This one tells a life story of ghetto kids in Paris.







Collateral_Beauty_posterCollateral Beauty : It’s another Will smith sad movie, but heck he’s always brilliant right











Planeta Singli : A comedy romance very easy to watch movie, women will love watching this in their pjs.






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