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We drink this poison Everyday!

Now who doesn’t know Coca-Cola? Most of us need to drink this after finishing our meal. Among all others soda drinks, Coca-Cola is everyone’s favorite for sure. Want to know what it actually does to our bodies?

10 minutes : Just in 10 minutes of drinking coke, we are putting 10 teaspoon of SUGAR. That is taking our maximum limit of daily sugar intake in just one drink, the only reason we don’t throw up after drinking that much sugar is because of phosphoric acid they put in the can that it allows you to keep the drink down.

20 minutes : After putting 10 teaspoon of sugar in you, your body starts to react to the overload sugar causing your insulin to burst and your liver has to work hard to convert the sugar to fat.

40 minutes : After 40 minutes, your liver hasn’t done working to process the can of coke you drank, in this time caffeine has reached through all parts of your body causing your pupil to enlarge, rise in blood pressure, and the liver is giving more sugar into the bloodstream. With all this thing happening to your body, you still won’t feel nausea because the adenosine receptors has been blocked.

45 minutes : You’ll actually feel a kick of endorphins, just like when you take cocaine.

60 minutes : The phosphoric acid that stops you from throwing up in the 10 minutes after you drink coke, is now going through intestine and flushing good minerals and nutrients which makes you want to pee. At this point some people will also feel sugar crash.


Calcium deficiency : If you drink coke in a long period, you’ll definitely have calcium and other vitamins deficiency, this is from the 60 minutes process i’ve explained before.

Tooth Decay : We all know sugar are enemies for our teeth, the high intake of sugar in a can of coke causes tooth enamel and cavity.

Caffeine Side effect : We also know that caffeine is addictive, the amount of caffeine in a bottle of coke is the equal with a cup of very strong coffee. Can you imagine drinking 2 liters of coffee? The side effect for caffeine is known for sleep disturbance and anxiety.

Cancer : If you consume more than a can of coke per week, you’ll more likely to develop cancer cells in your body due to the BA ingredients in coke which stands for Benzoid acid

Obesity : People who are drinking 1 can of coke per day are increasing their risk of obesity, I guess at this point we all have figure it out why.

With all these facts of what drinking coca cola does to your body, Would you still drink it? I know it’s hard to completely stop, but at least you’ll be wiser next time you need to drink it. Doctors have recommend to drink Coca-cola only 1 can per week, if you must. Also this information doesn’t go only for Coca-Cola, every other soda can drinks are loaded with sugar, and it slowly destroy our bodies. I know we can not feel what’s going on between our insides when we eat or drink something harmful, but that is why it’s important to seek knowledge so we can choose better.



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