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Best places to go in Ubud

Ubud is considered as Bali’s cultural art. It’s also home to many good restaurants and local crafts. Ubud is really known for their deep love for art. If Seminyak is known for it’s party crowds, Nusa dua is known for it’s beach, then expect ubud will be the total opposite of this, still in a very good way. Ubud is located in the cool mountains, surrounded by rice paddy fields. Most people come to Ubud to find peace, quietness and to take a break from the crowds in Seminyak.

I’ve made a list on cool things you can visit while in Ubud, hope this will help :

  • Campuhan Ridge Walk

Expect a to go hiking for 2/3km in a beautiful scenery surrounded by paddy fields. Best time to go here is in the morning, if you’re an early riser, then take this opportunity as your 7pm morning workout in nature then you can have breakfast after the long walk. Don’t forget to take your camera and running shoes with you.


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  • Monkey Forest

Ubud monkey forest is probably the most known place around here. It is located in the monkey forest street. Inside the forest you’ll see some temples that are very sacred for Hindus.  Best time to go is at 2pm, where the monkeys are not that hungry anymore so they won’t be too aggressive every time they see people holding foods.


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  • Tegunungan Waterfall 

This waterfall is very easy to reach, unlike others waterfall, it’s located near Sukowati street. Once you park your car, you need to pay entrance fee for Rp.10.000 per person. Expect to go a long down hill through stairs steps to reach the Waterfall. Tegunungan Waterfall is only 15 meter high, but expect to see a strong waterfall, especially if you come here during rainy season. Most people will just change into their bathing suit and swim under the waterfall. Don’t forget to take some photos in front of the waterfall.


  • Pasar Sukowati

Pasar is an Indonesia word for market. If you’re into shopping, or just need to buy some souvenirs for the family back home, then this is the place to buy it. The price here are very cheap compare to the souvenirs they’re selling in Seminyak. But because it’s not fixed price, you have to have patient and energy to bargain. Usually when you ask them for price, they will double the price, and than you can bargain it, and they’re happy to bargain too, just make sure you don’t change your mind once they give you the price you wanted.


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  • Green Village Eco Tour

The green Village is built in 2006, the buildings are made entirely from bamboos that seems to blend in to the forest. Have you ever seen a house made only from bamboos? That’s why you need to come here. Just give them a call, so you can join the tour and get a lot of knowledge about green living. There are two tour everyday, in the morning and afternoon.


Photo via Tripcanvas Indonesia

  • Hujan Locale

Everything they have on their menu is delicious, with no doubt. Expect to eat modern Indonesian food. Once you enter the restaurant ask the waitress if their seat on the balcony upstairs is available or not, because for us, that is the best spot to eat in the restaurant.


  • Bebek Tepi Sawah 

Bebek Tepi Sawah is known for it’s Balinese Duck dishes. Also they serve mostly Indonesian food. When you’re in Indonesia you just have to taste Indonesian food whenever you have the chance, just be careful with the level of spiciness, Indonesian food is known to be spicy, but you can always ask to have sambal(chili) on the side. I love Bebek(Duck), just like the name of the restaurant, you’ll eat your dish next to the paddy fields.


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  • Sari Organic

Although it will be easy for vegetarians to find food in Ubud, Sari Organic is still one of a kind because their location is very nice, it’s surrounded again by rice paddy fields, but you’ll be uphill. Expect to eat only organic and vegetarian food. Try their nasi campur.


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  • Tukies

This place is known more as a coconut shop. Now what’s the best thing you can have while in Bali? Of course a fresh Coconut. You’ll see a big pile of coconut infront of the entrance, shop is very small but their menus are amazing. People’s favorite are their coconut ice cream, but for us the best one is the mango juice with coconut ice cream on top.


Photo via Tripadvisor


  • Seniman Coffee

In need for a strong real coffee? This place is for you. They say their coffee is the best one in Bali. The team are always happy to explain whenever you have questions about coffee.


Photo via Senimancoffee

  • Yoga Barn

Whether it’s your first time trying yoga or you’re a yogi, this yoga place is a must list. Try to join a class every morning here to start your day, give your body a reward by going to yoga. They have classes every hour throughout the day, but to be sure just go to their website to see their schedule.


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  • Radiantly alive

Another yoga studio to consider is Radiantly alive. Classes include: Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga Inspired, Acro Yoga and many more. Check their website to see today’s schedule :


Photo via tripadvisor


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