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How to enjoy your Pregnancy

After the excitement of knowing you got pregnant, then you actually have to deal with the real pregnancy symptoms. Call me naive, but honestly I thought pregnancy is going to be easy, the only thing I was worried is the delivery, that one I know is going to be a hard work (they call it labor for a reason right?) The reason i thought pregnancy is going to be easy is because moms tend to only share the good sides of their journey, specifically I’m talking about instagram, all i see is moms showing their belly growing and telling people how happy they are, so before i got pregnant i thought pregnancy is easy.

But daaammnn HAHAH pregnancy is far from easy. First trimester, it’s all about extreme fatigue, you just want to sleep all day, sleep and more sleep, headache, nausea, well short story you’re just feeling sick for the whole 3 months. Most moms agree when I say, “you just don’t feel like yourself anymore”. Then came second semester, this is where they said you’re gonna have your energy back, it’s the best time of pregnancy. Then third trimester, your belly starts to grow fast, you’re having difficulty to breath all the time, back pain, neck pain, difficult to sleep, headache and so on.

The above explaination on what pregnant women are going through, please keep in mind, that i’m not complaining. This is only to let you know what we are going through. Admitting that pregnancy is hard, having pain here and there doesn’t mean that we’re not happy/excited to have this baby. And believe me any mom will go through all the struggle throughout 9 month again and again if it means we get to have our babies. Women are strong, we are strong, admitting we’re tired is not wrong, because we never gonna give up.

I have found ways, many ways to enjoy this 9 months, hope this will help you too

  • Think Positive : No matter how hard your struggle right now, remember it will not be forever, and all your pain will be worth it once you hear your baby cries. Anything good is worth the wait. Also try to accept the pain, rather than pushing it away.
  • Eat Mindfully : Try to listen to your body and your baby, while pregnant usually you’ll know more what your body needs, you’ll crave for something because your baby needs it. Instead of sticking to a strict pregnancy diet, just listen to your body. A very common cravings of mine were lots and lots of fruits, then in the third trimester is protein.
  • Exercise : I know i know, you’re probably rolling your eyes saying “I can’t even got myself out of bed how am i supposed to work out!” First trimester I spent most of my days in bed but whenever i have a little bit of energy i try to walk outside. Walking is probably the safest pregnancy workout and you’ll feel good after it. Second trimester I start doing Yoga and dancing, this makes me very happy every time i do it. Then I start swimming, I swear to God, Swimming while pregnant is the BEST thing you can do. you’ll feel weightless for once, you’re producing happy hormones, overall Swimming, dancing and yoga are my favorite exercise to do.
  • Get some sun : staying in bed means you don’t get sun, which also means you dont get vitamin D, without vitamin D you’re just gonna feel more tired and low energy. So every morning step outside and get some sun.
  • Documenting progress : Either taking photos of your growing belly, or keeping a journal on how you’re feeling and any progress will definitely make you more cautious on whats happening to you, and will be a memory worth looking back on.
  • Watch Series/Movies : Whenever you feel bored, look for a good movie or series to watch. Also a movie where it has a pregnancy story becomes more fun to watch since you can relate to them now.
  • Educate yourself : Always try to find new knowledge about pregnancy, birth and babies. Either it from buying pregnancy books, or simply reading it online.
  • Start Planning your birth : Do you want a normal delivery? c-Section? Water birth? Home birth? Anything you choose to have is totally up to you, but it’s always best to prepare them. Join a Birth classes, or watching it on youtube can give you ideas which birth suits you best.
  • Involve Husband : Always ask if he wants to feel the baby kick, ask him to talk to the baby and always remember you should ask him for help whenever you feel overwhelmed. You should not go through this pregnancy alone.
  • Nursery Shopping : Finally! What we’ve been waiting for! We’ve been imagining cute clothes for babies since the day we know we’re pregnant, and now is the time to actually start buying stuff. My advice is to make a list on what stuff you’re going to need, don’t go to a store without knowing what you need. Or some baby stores have their newborn shopping list, ask for it, you can also find it online to have an idea what things you’re going to need. Remember babies grow fast, try to really think whats necessary, you dont want to go overboard and then end up with stuff you regret buying.

Thats it, I hope this post is useful for expecting moms, ENJOY!

Love from Dubai


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