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Not every Cesarean birth experience is negative, My Birth Story.

To be honest, I wasn’t going to share my birth experience. But it seems like anyone who congratulated me for the birth never missed to ask how my labor was. And I don’t think I’ll be able to repeat telling it 1000x lol, so let’s just put it here once for all 🙂

Fact : This is the 5th attempt on typing this story with one hand while breastfeeding Naya lol *mum life

So if you’re following me on Instagram you would probably think I was going to have an all natural hypnobirth gentle birth water birth and all that stuff with my baby. You’re right, I was really aiming to do that. I wanted and planned for a gentle water birth in my hospital (Al Zahra Hospital)

I mean look at the facilities they provided, I would be insane not wanting this for my birth lol.

I joined a gentle birth class when I was in Indonesia, then followed with a daily natural birth binge watching on youtube LOL, stuffed my brain with articles, also a prenatal class at Al Zahra Hospital. I make sure I was also in a healthy pregnancy shape, from swimming every 3 days, walking on a treadmill, yoga, etc. All those knowledge I got and how I felt within my body, really boost my confidence on having a natural birth. I was like “bring it on baby! I’m so ready for this!”

Then came the usual checked up with my Obgyn at 35 weeks. Turned out baby had flipped from a head down ready to deliver to feet down and head up or the other word for it is breech. So my baby decided to be in a breech position at 35 weeks where before she was always head down HAHAH. Doctor told us to come back again in 10 days and see if baby would flipped again. Meanwhile, I have to do all things to help my baby turned. I tried walking, birthing ball, forward leaning inversions, bridge pose, the traditional mopping the floor on hands and knees (LOL), praying. I tried most of the techniques they said can help a breech baby to turn, but unfortunately my baby knows what position she’s most comfortable at and refuse to turn(it’s okay my baby love). So at around 37 weeks, another ultrasound was done to see if baby has turned, but as guessed she did not. Doctor told us there is a very little chance that our baby will turn head down at this stage, considering she’s big already and my amniotic fluid was very little at this point.

Our Doctor suggest to booked for a c section, but my husband and I insist we need to wait for another week and see if she would turn, doctor agreed. At 38 weeks we came in again, baby was still in the same position, but my amniotic fluid was more than last week, and doctor asked us if I want to do an ECV(Eternal Cephalic Version)


which is a medically procedure where a doctor or midwife would physically pressing her hand on my stomach and try to move the baby to head down position. Since i read that there is 50/50 chance on this going successful or going to emergency cesarean if baby’s heart rate dropped. For some reason my body/baby was telling me this would not be a good option for us.

Doctor said it would be too much risk for a natural delivery, since my baby was in a footling breech position.


So we booked for a planned cesarean at 39 weeks. I asked the doctor if I can give her a birth cesarean plan, she asked me what are the things I would want, it was actually only two things that was important to me, “delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin.” Doctor said these two things are already the standard procedure of the cesarean in the hospital, so I was happy knowing it. Date for surgery is booked for 1st October 2017 at 1 o’clock. 2 days before the surgery I had a consultation with the anesthetic, who explained me how the anesthesia procedure would be given. Basically making sure that I don’t need to worry, he keeps telling me I will feel pressure but no pain. The night before surgery I felt so anxious, in between getting things packed for the hospital and seeing my husband way too relaxed watching his football show haha. And as expected I couldn’t sleep too, it felt like tomorrow is the first day of school, i was too nervous.

1st October 2017. We went to the hospital at 9am, I drank only water and a resource juice that was prescribe by the doctor. Administered all the documents, and checked in our room. Husband was excited by the hospital room, he’s happy knowing that he would have a comfortable couch to sleep on while waiting for me. At 11am the nurse put an IV on my left hand(I asked for them to put it on my left hand so my right hand can move free to hold my baby later). Nurse also told me to wear the hospital gown and put a pressure stocking on my legs to prevent blood clot. We were watching tv in the room, waiting, which feels like forever lol.


Then suddenly I felt very sleepy, idk why, I asked the nurse if they put any medicine in my IV which cause me to feel sleepy and they swear they did not. But funny how I could not keep my eyes open, probably from not getting enough sleep the night before?

Next thing I know they were pushing my bed to the operation hall. I met the anesthetic doctor here who asked basic questions about my health, while husband change his clothes to the one provided by the hospital. And I swear I didn’t recognize when he came back thought he was a doctor hahah


Then they asked me if I’m ready, I said yes and we entered the Operation Theatre, I swear this room felt so bright, clean it felt like I was in a space movie,lol. Everything here went super fast. First doctor put 2 injections on my back to numb it then came the spinal anesthesia, then he quickly layed me down, I felt a catheter was put inside me, a cover was put over my chest so i dont see when they cut me open. Then husband came, and he was so sweet, he hold my hand, kissed me and making sure that everything is going to be okay.

Next thing I know was my stomach being touched and moved. But weird is that I started feeling so cold and was shaking so much on my upper body part, the anesthetic keep asking me if i’m alright I told him that I was feeling so cold, he put a tube that was blowing warm air, and that made me stopped shaking. In less than 10 minutes, I could hear my baby first cry and they showed her to me. I could not believe what I saw. then baby was taken by the pediatric doctor next to me to be covered and general checked. Husband went next to the baby and carry her while giving her first adzan.


Then he put the baby on top of me while the doctors finished closing me up. The stitching felt longer than to open me up heheh. But whole procedure I think took about 20 minutes, doctor said it took a bit longer than usual because I bled a lot. Then we were out of the theater, I immediately breastfeed my baby outside the Operation theater, and it couldn’t felt more natural. At this point I was still feeling way too cold and shaking. Again they gave me the warm air to make me feel better.


Surgery was finished and they pushed me back to our room so i can continue breastfeed and have some alone time with our baby.


As I said, everything went by so fast, suddenly baby is in our arms.

Naya is a sweet baby, from the first time she came out of my belly, her cry was the sweetest voice we have ever heard. Then the days after that she didn’t cry, she’s too sweet. She did cry actually when the nurse gave her first bath :).


Hows my Recovery?

The night after surgery I could get out of bed and walk slowly. Catheter was removed in the morning after. I then was recovering so fast, it was hard to believe too. It didn’t felt like I just had a major surgery. Or maybe some part also because I keep telling myself to be strong cause now I have a baby to take care of, and it is only the two of us, my husband and I. I had no choice but to recover fast :). The whole two nights staying at the hospital I did not sleep at all nursing Naya. So we asked to go home at the third day, and hospital let us, considering that I’m recovering well.


I wish I could show you how my scar looked right now, but i can’t it’s way down on my private parts. All l can say is the doctors are truly amazing, you can’t barely tell that i got a c-section, there’s no stitches, you can’t even see a wound, no nasty scar. Alhamdulilah. They did gave me pain killers, and I had to wear the stocking pressure for 10 days straight (This was really uncomfortable), and my husband put an Injection on my thigh every night to prevent blood clot.


This is the pressure stocking I had to wear for 10 days

Although I wanted a natural birth but end up having a c-section, I can say, truly honest from the bottom of my heart say that it was the best choice for me and my baby. There’s nothing to complain.

Naya is healthy, alhamdulilah.

I’m recovering (from sleepless night lol)

I had a beautiful cesarean experience and I can only thank my doctor, Dr. Yamini Dhar and the great staff at Al Zahra Hospital, you are all amazing at your job, and I can’t thank you enough.

Last, thanks to my husband, thank you so much my love, I would have not been able to go through this without you 🙂







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