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How to enjoy your Pregnancy

After the excitement of knowing you got pregnant, then you actually have to deal with the real pregnancy symptoms. Call me naive, but honestly I thought pregnancy is going to be easy, the only thing I was worried is the delivery, that one I know is going to be a hard work (they call it labor for a reason right?) The reason i thought pregnancy is going to be easy is because moms tend to only share the good sides of their journey, specifically I’m talking about instagram, all i see is moms showing their belly growing and telling people how happy they are, so before i got pregnant i thought pregnancy is easy.

But daaammnn HAHAH pregnancy is far from easy. First trimester, it’s all about extreme fatigue, you just want to sleep all day, sleep and more sleep, headache, nausea, well short story you’re just feeling sick for the whole 3 months. Most moms agree when I say, “you just don’t feel like yourself anymore”. Then came second semester, this is where they said you’re gonna have your energy back, it’s the best time of pregnancy. Then third trimester, your belly starts to grow fast, you’re having difficulty to breath all the time, back pain, neck pain, difficult to sleep, headache and so on.

The above explaination on what pregnant women are going through, please keep in mind, that i’m not complaining. This is only to let you know what we are going through. Admitting that pregnancy is hard, having pain here and there doesn’t mean that we’re not happy/excited to have this baby. And believe me any mom will go through all the struggle throughout 9 month again and again if it means we get to have our babies. Women are strong, we are strong, admitting we’re tired is not wrong, because we never gonna give up.

I have found ways, many ways to enjoy this 9 months, hope this will help you too

  • Think Positive : No matter how hard your struggle right now, remember it will not be forever, and all your pain will be worth it once you hear your baby cries. Anything good is worth the wait. Also try to accept the pain, rather than pushing it away.
  • Eat Mindfully : Try to listen to your body and your baby, while pregnant usually you’ll know more what your body needs, you’ll crave for something because your baby needs it. Instead of sticking to a strict pregnancy diet, just listen to your body. A very common cravings of mine were lots and lots of fruits, then in the third trimester is protein.
  • Exercise : I know i know, you’re probably rolling your eyes saying “I can’t even got myself out of bed how am i supposed to work out!” First trimester I spent most of my days in bed but whenever i have a little bit of energy i try to walk outside. Walking is probably the safest pregnancy workout and you’ll feel good after it. Second trimester I start doing Yoga and dancing, this makes me very happy every time i do it. Then I start swimming, I swear to God, Swimming while pregnant is the BEST thing you can do. you’ll feel weightless for once, you’re producing happy hormones, overall Swimming, dancing and yoga are my favorite exercise to do.
  • Get some sun : staying in bed means you don’t get sun, which also means you dont get vitamin D, without vitamin D you’re just gonna feel more tired and low energy. So every morning step outside and get some sun.
  • Documenting progress : Either taking photos of your growing belly, or keeping a journal on how you’re feeling and any progress will definitely make you more cautious on whats happening to you, and will be a memory worth looking back on.
  • Watch Series/Movies : Whenever you feel bored, look for a good movie or series to watch. Also a movie where it has a pregnancy story becomes more fun to watch since you can relate to them now.
  • Educate yourself : Always try to find new knowledge about pregnancy, birth and babies. Either it from buying pregnancy books, or simply reading it online.
  • Start Planning your birth : Do you want a normal delivery? c-Section? Water birth? Home birth? Anything you choose to have is totally up to you, but it’s always best to prepare them. Join a Birth classes, or watching it on youtube can give you ideas which birth suits you best.
  • Involve Husband : Always ask if he wants to feel the baby kick, ask him to talk to the baby and always remember you should ask him for help whenever you feel overwhelmed. You should not go through this pregnancy alone.
  • Nursery Shopping : Finally! What we’ve been waiting for! We’ve been imagining cute clothes for babies since the day we know we’re pregnant, and now is the time to actually start buying stuff. My advice is to make a list on what stuff you’re going to need, don’t go to a store without knowing what you need. Or some baby stores have their newborn shopping list, ask for it, you can also find it online to have an idea what things you’re going to need. Remember babies grow fast, try to really think whats necessary, you dont want to go overboard and then end up with stuff you regret buying.

Thats it, I hope this post is useful for expecting moms, ENJOY!

Love from Dubai


Best Series to watch this month!

  1. Game of Thrones

Well if you’re still haven’t started yet, you probably think you’re too late and there are too many seasons to catch on. But come on, there is a reason why it’s the number one top watched series right now. My advice is to binge watch it at weekend, I promise you won’t even feel like going out once you pass few episodes of the first season. Also, season 7 is the best one so far!

2. This is us

The story is about family, humanity, love, and pain is, in the end, really a story about us. We can definitely relate ourselves to at least one of character in this series. Also it just leaves me feeling good every time i finished an episode.

3. Big little lies

First reason that attracts me to this series, is the cast. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, Adam Scott, and Alexander Skarsgard. I’ve never felt more excited to start a new series, hahah. There is only one season, and it’s totally addictive, i wish they would produce more.

4. Power

I started watching Power last year, I remembered I finished watching 3 seasons of it in just 1 and a half week, hahah and then had to wait for a year to watch season 4. This one is suitable for you who likes ghetto, sexy, hip hop, drug dealers type of movie.

5. Designated Survivor

It’s the only political drama series that I can actually understand and got addicted to. Story is about a low-level politician (Sutherland) suddenly becomes the president of the United States when a terrorist strike takes out everyone else during the State of the Union Address. Now faced with the greatest responsibility he could fathom, he has to figure out whether he actually wants the job, and what its impact would be on his family.


Other series you might want to consider watching;

  • Grey’s anatomy (all time favorite)
  • Younger
  • 13 reasons why




How we finally got pregnant

We’ve been married for about 1 and a half year now, and I’m not gonna lie I wanted to have a baby right after we got married. Although I wasn’t really putting my mind on it, I know if all of sudden I’m pregnant, I was ready and my husband would be happy too. Point is we did not plan to not have a baby, and were just letting it come naturally.

First, we were living in Jakarta, then Singapore and now we’re settling in Dubai. It was only until we stay in Dubai that I start having these common question ” why am I still not pregnant yet?’ Although my husband has always been very optimistic reminding me that it will happen at the right time, I convinced my husband to see a doctor. So we went to a fertility centre to get both checked, short story we are both healthy and not showing any abnormality that will stop us from conceiving, but fertility center in Dubai was beyond expensive, that was the only down part. I’m sure it would have been a lot cheaper in other countries.

Okay by finally knowing that we are both healthy, it put my mind at peace. Only problem I know was holding us from getting a positive sign is my long cycle of period. While most woman get their period in a 28days cycle. I would get my period in 38 to 43 days. But still since the doctor said we are both healthy and we should just keep trying, it doesn’t really bother me much.

4 months passed by and I’m still not pregnant. At this time finally my husband was really eager to know what is going on. We both sit on a table, and he made a graphic of my period cycle. By doing this, we would know when I ovulate, and when is the perfect timing to have intercouse. Of course I’ve done this counting myself, I also have an application that track my period cycle. But it was only until we both sat down, and really mark the days on when to have sex, is when I finally got pregnant 🙂 .

So here are points you might consider doing if you’re trying to get pregnant;

  • Visit a doctor : It is better to know the health state of you and your spouse. If you’re both healthy then there’s nothing to worry, just focus on trying, and if there’s anything wrong, it’s better to know sooner so doctor can help you out.
  • Have a really healthy lifestyle; try to eat clean and work out regularly. Me, I was cutting on animal products and go for a run every morning. Husband was also eating healthy, played football once a week, no alcohol and no cigarettes.
  • Download a fertility app; It’s easier for you to keep track on your cycle when you have it on your phone.
  • Have Intercouse at perfect timing; meaning while you’re fertile/ ovulating.
  • Don’t stress out; try your best but leave the outcome to God. It’ll only happen at the right time, I couldn’t agree more.

Predicting Ovulation is KEY 

Ovulation is when you release an egg from one of your ovaries. If that egg gets fertilized by a sperm and implants in your uterus, you’re pregnant!

To estimate when you’ll ovulate, count back 14 days from when you expect your next period. Your fertile window includes the day you ovulate and the preceding five days. So, for example, if day 1 is the first day of your period and day 28 is the day before you expect your next period, you’d be fertile on days 10 through 15.

But with my 40 days cycle. My ovulation is around day 15 to 29. To finally got pregnant we had sex every 2 days from day 14 until day 26.

To easily count your fertile window, just use this link ;

Ovulation calculator

I hope this information will help couples that have been trying to get pregnant.

I wish you all a beautiful journey 🙂


Best places to go in Ubud

Ubud is considered as Bali’s cultural art. It’s also home to many good restaurants and local crafts. Ubud is really known for their deep love for art. If Seminyak is known for it’s party crowds, Nusa dua is known for it’s beach, then expect ubud will be the total opposite of this, still in a very good way. Ubud is located in the cool mountains, surrounded by rice paddy fields. Most people come to Ubud to find peace, quietness and to take a break from the crowds in Seminyak.

I’ve made a list on cool things you can visit while in Ubud, hope this will help :

  • Campuhan Ridge Walk

Expect a to go hiking for 2/3km in a beautiful scenery surrounded by paddy fields. Best time to go here is in the morning, if you’re an early riser, then take this opportunity as your 7pm morning workout in nature then you can have breakfast after the long walk. Don’t forget to take your camera and running shoes with you.


Photo via :

  • Monkey Forest

Ubud monkey forest is probably the most known place around here. It is located in the monkey forest street. Inside the forest you’ll see some temples that are very sacred for Hindus.  Best time to go is at 2pm, where the monkeys are not that hungry anymore so they won’t be too aggressive every time they see people holding foods.


Photo via

  • Tegunungan Waterfall 

This waterfall is very easy to reach, unlike others waterfall, it’s located near Sukowati street. Once you park your car, you need to pay entrance fee for Rp.10.000 per person. Expect to go a long down hill through stairs steps to reach the Waterfall. Tegunungan Waterfall is only 15 meter high, but expect to see a strong waterfall, especially if you come here during rainy season. Most people will just change into their bathing suit and swim under the waterfall. Don’t forget to take some photos in front of the waterfall.


  • Pasar Sukowati

Pasar is an Indonesia word for market. If you’re into shopping, or just need to buy some souvenirs for the family back home, then this is the place to buy it. The price here are very cheap compare to the souvenirs they’re selling in Seminyak. But because it’s not fixed price, you have to have patient and energy to bargain. Usually when you ask them for price, they will double the price, and than you can bargain it, and they’re happy to bargain too, just make sure you don’t change your mind once they give you the price you wanted.


Photo via

  • Green Village Eco Tour

The green Village is built in 2006, the buildings are made entirely from bamboos that seems to blend in to the forest. Have you ever seen a house made only from bamboos? That’s why you need to come here. Just give them a call, so you can join the tour and get a lot of knowledge about green living. There are two tour everyday, in the morning and afternoon.


Photo via Tripcanvas Indonesia

  • Hujan Locale

Everything they have on their menu is delicious, with no doubt. Expect to eat modern Indonesian food. Once you enter the restaurant ask the waitress if their seat on the balcony upstairs is available or not, because for us, that is the best spot to eat in the restaurant.


  • Bebek Tepi Sawah 

Bebek Tepi Sawah is known for it’s Balinese Duck dishes. Also they serve mostly Indonesian food. When you’re in Indonesia you just have to taste Indonesian food whenever you have the chance, just be careful with the level of spiciness, Indonesian food is known to be spicy, but you can always ask to have sambal(chili) on the side. I love Bebek(Duck), just like the name of the restaurant, you’ll eat your dish next to the paddy fields.


Photo via


  • Sari Organic

Although it will be easy for vegetarians to find food in Ubud, Sari Organic is still one of a kind because their location is very nice, it’s surrounded again by rice paddy fields, but you’ll be uphill. Expect to eat only organic and vegetarian food. Try their nasi campur.


photo via

  • Tukies

This place is known more as a coconut shop. Now what’s the best thing you can have while in Bali? Of course a fresh Coconut. You’ll see a big pile of coconut infront of the entrance, shop is very small but their menus are amazing. People’s favorite are their coconut ice cream, but for us the best one is the mango juice with coconut ice cream on top.


Photo via Tripadvisor


  • Seniman Coffee

In need for a strong real coffee? This place is for you. They say their coffee is the best one in Bali. The team are always happy to explain whenever you have questions about coffee.


Photo via Senimancoffee

  • Yoga Barn

Whether it’s your first time trying yoga or you’re a yogi, this yoga place is a must list. Try to join a class every morning here to start your day, give your body a reward by going to yoga. They have classes every hour throughout the day, but to be sure just go to their website to see their schedule.


Photo via

  • Radiantly alive

Another yoga studio to consider is Radiantly alive. Classes include: Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga Inspired, Acro Yoga and many more. Check their website to see today’s schedule :


Photo via tripadvisor

List of movies you must watch this month!

I’m getting a lot of text messages every week from my friends, not asking about how i am but rather just to get new recommendations on what movies to watch tonight, hahah. I watch new movies everyday, either that before bedtime or throughout the day if I have time. That’s why if you ask whether this movie is good to watch or not, big chance I’ve already watched it and can tell you what I think about it.

So these are movies I recommend to most of my friends, hope you’ll like it as much as I d0


Captain Fantastic: If you’re into freedom, living life the way you want it, having your own opinion than most majority, then this movie is for you.










Hacksaw Ridge : Based on an extraordinary true story, and I’ve never seen Andrew Garfield acts this brilliant in a movie.










Intouchables : I mean come on, if you still haven’t watched this one, you’re really missing a good movie









Divines : A french movie, but you’ll definitely find english subtitles. This one tells a life story of ghetto kids in Paris.







Collateral_Beauty_posterCollateral Beauty : It’s another Will smith sad movie, but heck he’s always brilliant right











Planeta Singli : A comedy romance very easy to watch movie, women will love watching this in their pjs.





We drink this poison Everyday!

Now who doesn’t know Coca-Cola? Most of us need to drink this after finishing our meal. Among all others soda drinks, Coca-Cola is everyone’s favorite for sure. Want to know what it actually does to our bodies?

10 minutes : Just in 10 minutes of drinking coke, we are putting 10 teaspoon of SUGAR. That is taking our maximum limit of daily sugar intake in just one drink, the only reason we don’t throw up after drinking that much sugar is because of phosphoric acid they put in the can that it allows you to keep the drink down.

20 minutes : After putting 10 teaspoon of sugar in you, your body starts to react to the overload sugar causing your insulin to burst and your liver has to work hard to convert the sugar to fat.

40 minutes : After 40 minutes, your liver hasn’t done working to process the can of coke you drank, in this time caffeine has reached through all parts of your body causing your pupil to enlarge, rise in blood pressure, and the liver is giving more sugar into the bloodstream. With all this thing happening to your body, you still won’t feel nausea because the adenosine receptors has been blocked.

45 minutes : You’ll actually feel a kick of endorphins, just like when you take cocaine.

60 minutes : The phosphoric acid that stops you from throwing up in the 10 minutes after you drink coke, is now going through intestine and flushing good minerals and nutrients which makes you want to pee. At this point some people will also feel sugar crash.


Calcium deficiency : If you drink coke in a long period, you’ll definitely have calcium and other vitamins deficiency, this is from the 60 minutes process i’ve explained before.

Tooth Decay : We all know sugar are enemies for our teeth, the high intake of sugar in a can of coke causes tooth enamel and cavity.

Caffeine Side effect : We also know that caffeine is addictive, the amount of caffeine in a bottle of coke is the equal with a cup of very strong coffee. Can you imagine drinking 2 liters of coffee? The side effect for caffeine is known for sleep disturbance and anxiety.

Cancer : If you consume more than a can of coke per week, you’ll more likely to develop cancer cells in your body due to the BA ingredients in coke which stands for Benzoid acid

Obesity : People who are drinking 1 can of coke per day are increasing their risk of obesity, I guess at this point we all have figure it out why.

With all these facts of what drinking coca cola does to your body, Would you still drink it? I know it’s hard to completely stop, but at least you’ll be wiser next time you need to drink it. Doctors have recommend to drink Coca-cola only 1 can per week, if you must. Also this information doesn’t go only for Coca-Cola, every other soda can drinks are loaded with sugar, and it slowly destroy our bodies. I know we can not feel what’s going on between our insides when we eat or drink something harmful, but that is why it’s important to seek knowledge so we can choose better.


Dubai Desert Safari Tour

Before I came to Dubai, Desert Safari was one of the most people suggest me to go , when you visit Dubai it seems like a must to do a safari tour. Personally, me cause I have never seen or been on a desert, I just have no idea what to expect, what to do, or how it’s going to be. The only image I have of a Desert is from movies, and in most of them desert seems like the last place you would want to be, cause they always picture desert as a dry, no life and you’ll die from severe dehydration if you walk in the desert hahahah, well?

My husband had a chance to go before me, he went on a morning safari tour with his colleagues, and his feedback was really nice. So when he asked me when I would like to do it too, I said since you’ve just done it, let’s wait until we have guest visiting us in Dubai, then we will take them there, and he agreed 🙂 .



Let me explain how this Desert Safari Tour works, so there’s options, if you’re very familiar with the desert and you have an off road big car, then you’re free to go into the desert by yourself. But if you’re like me, who don’t have any experience whatsoever with desert then joining a tour package will be the best option. There are so many tour companies available on the internet that you can easily reach, just give them a call on the same day or a day before you would like to do the tour, and they will arrange everything. There’s a morning tour package and an evening one, most people choose the evening tour. Package will include;

  •  Pick up by 4×4 wheel Drive from any point in Dubai and Sharjah between 3.00pm to 3.30 p.m.
  • Drive through the desert – Dune Bashing.
  • 20-30 minutes Dune Driving
  • Sun Set Photography
  • Camel Rides
  • Belly Dancing
  • Bar (On Payment basis)
  • Henna Painting
  • Hubbllee Bubblee (shisha)
  • Arabic Coffee (gahwa) and Fresh Dates
  • Traditional costumes
  • Unlimited soft drinks, tea coffee and mineral water
  • Buffet Dinner and B.B.Q.(vegetarian food also available on request)

In January my mother in law and my mom decided to visit us in Dubai, so while they are here it was a chance for us to go together to the desert. We gave one of the company a call and we agreed to meet next to the desert, since we have our own car, there was no need for them to pick us up home. It took us only about 30mins from Dubai Marina(where we stay) to the meeting point, we parked our car and got into the big 4 Wheel Drive, me mama and ymma(mom in law) sat in the backside of the car, AND OH MY GOD! It was a HUGE MISTAKE. See the second and third list of the package? 20-30 mins Dune Bashing, which means this car is going UP & DOWN through the desert, it literally felt like a ROLLER COASTER. I’m not exaggerating, for a first timer like us, THAT WAS A TERRIFYING EXPERIENCE. The car felt like it’s going to flip over, I mean, I have grandmas next to me, if it’s terrifying for me, how bad is this gonna feel like for them.


This is what they mean with Dune Bashing!

Ok! we finally arrived in the middle of the desert. Got out of the car, and were amazed by this view! It was still sunny but the wind was very strong. Also I found myself struggling to walk on the sand, since the sand keeps entering my shoes that it really became a workout just to walk hahah.

Mimi ride the Camel with his mom, me I wouldn’t do it, because I just don’t think it’s right to ride them for fun. And then we took the time to take pictures, it was very nice I must say, with the sun right above us, windy, and clean sand.


Our moms even do shallat on the sand, you know just like the old time 🙂


Ymma was very much okay kissing the sand while shallat


My mom didn’t notice after shallat her forehead was full of sand lol

There are many other activities we could do, but I was too tired to do them, I just wanted to sit and relaxed after walking on the sand hahah.




It was nice to see mama this happy 🙂




When it was slowly getting dark, we entered the hall that is open air, chose a seat and drank hot milk tea, that felt very nice. We also put on a traditional Arabic costume that is provided for tourist to take pictures.

Then the shows start, from Belly dancing, Fire Attractions, to Turkish dance, all we enjoyed while eating non stop dinner buffet. The food they were serving was also quite nice, mostly chicken, lamb and beef barbeque.

Shows finished at 9pm, everybody got back to their tour car, and this time we were sitting in the middle, and road to go back was much smoother than before, so this was great, it felt also quick. We drove back home, while moms were sleeping behind. Overall, I agreed with people who were telling me to try the desert tour, it was definitely an unforgetable experience, glad we finally did that.

I hope this post will give you an idea how a desert tour is, and why not give it a try also 🙂

Until next time lovely people!


For the stay at home wife

Growing up I’ve always known what I wanted to become. You know that time of school where teachers would ask you what your dreams are and what you want to be in the future, while most of other kids would think of being an astronaut, doctors, scientist, architects, etc, and when it’s my turn I’ve always answered it with a proud voice that i wanted to become a housewife, a great one. I know what most of people might be thinking when they hear my answer, “if you just want to be a housewife, why even bother going to school? Let alone finishing your university degree?”

Thing is, when that question came up, I mean that dream job question, I could not think of anybody else who does a better job that my own mother. Who you guess it right, she is a housewife, a great one. Having such a good role model in my life, how could I not want to be like her? My mother works hard, every single day, when other workers gets a day off on weekends, housewife don’t get that, everyday is a work day for us. Being a housewife means you have multiple jobs, you became a Chef, a CEO of the Household, a Cheerleader, a Taxi driver, a Cleaner, an Organizer, a Finance manager, a Personal shopper, a Doctor, a Nurse, a Laundry machine operator, a Janitor, and it goes on. My mother did a fantastic job doing all these with 3 kids and a perfectionist husband.


Okay now the time has come, I’m officially a stay-at-home-wife. How does it feel? It feels just how I imagine it would be 🙂 I take care of the house, my husband and myself, and everyday feels like a true blessing. In case you’re wondering what my husband thinks about me being a housewife, he’s very supportive, although I know if he has a choice he would prefer me to be a successful career woman and helping him adding the cash flow, lol. My point is, whatever you decide to do with your life make sure it comes from yourself. And whatever it is, be a good one.

If you think all the housewife are so lucky, they don’t have jobs/obligations all they do is spending their husbands money and do nothing. You’re right maybe there are some housewife who’s job literally just shopping at the malls and lounging in a cafe with their friends. But i am not talking about these kind of housewives, I’m talking about the good ones, the great housewives. The one that dedicated her life to her family. I can proudly say I’ve been doing a good job so far, I know my husband agrees with me. Although I love my job, I can not say it is easy. Some nights I feel soo tired that I just had to go to bed earlier.

It is important that a housewife still has an activity that brings her joy, either that doing her hobbies or start working from home. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it makes you happy and it gives you a purpose to wake up in the morning. Some housewife end up going to the malls and shop as their sress reliever, I’m not saying it’s wrong, maybe her husband makes too much income that shopping is just like taking a shower, as long as your husband don’t hold any grudges on your hobby buying stuff then go for it. But if you strive to be a better self, why not start thinking on how you can spend your free time more productive, bring something useful for yourself and the family. Especially when you don’t have any kids yet, you should have a lot of free time for yourself. Make sure you use these times to improve yourself.

My point is, speaking from my experience now that I am actually a housewife, I encourage for other women to strive to be a better person. Dedicating our life to take care of our family is a noble thing, and it comes naturally for some women. But we have to work for ourselves too, we nee to have a life outside our family, and do something just for ourselves. If it gets you an income then it’s great, if it doesnt get you an income it is not useless, you’ll gain experience and a life. You have to put yourself as a priority, same as everyone else’s put their selves a priority. Taking care of yourself is not a selfish act, you should not feel guilty wanting to do something for yourself.

You know when somebody ask you what your job is, don’t answer with “I’m just a housewife.’ When you’re spending everyday in doing a great job wouldn’t you be proud of yourself? Then next time someone ask you that question, answer it proudly “I am a housewife.”

Whether they’re gonna think you’re lame, or you’re great, it’s none of your business, their opinion on how you live your life don’t matter. But what does matter is how you think of yourself. Now if there’s still a slight feeling of not being good enough, then change it, do something that make you feel proud of yourself. Also, you don’t owe anybody an explanation on how HARD the job of being a housewife, because again other people’s opinion doesn’t matter.

Now, I hope I haven’t offend any of career women out there. Just know that I respect all the women who choose to be independent and work their asses off outside the house. I just believe there is a path for everybody, each one of us have our own greatness. Some are born to be great doctors and some are born to be great housewives. Whatever you’re going to be, be a good one.